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BirdEyeCamera is an app like no other.
It's a simple hashtag activated camera application. What this means is, it allows remotes users anywhere in the world to activate a phone's camera anywhere on the planet with just a tweet which includes a defined hashtag.
It's really that simple.
There are lots of creative applications for an app like this. You can simply decide to use it as a live camera application that activates a camera when you tweet at it.
Event companies will have awesome ways to use this.
Brands can leverage on this to build live engagement with their users across the planet.
Imagine being able to mount a phone with the app activated on a car that drives around town. Users tweet at the car and get live pictures from the car, each picture 100% unique.
Imagine mounting a phone with the app activated on a drone that flies through the sky and users from anywhere in the world can tweet to get live tweets from the app regardless of where they are.
Events, Festivals can mount multiple phones with BirdEyeCamera activated to allow users get pictures from different areas / angles of the event.
The applications are endless. It's really left to your creativity and imagination. You could decide to use it while on a mountain climb to allow your friends back home follow up with you.
Brands can set watermarked images to be attached to each message that is sent back as a response.
BirdEyeCamera is a super cool app that is free to use but you get the absolute best from the app when you pay just $2.99 for it.
The quality of your phone, it's camera and also your Internet connection contribute to a super experience with BirdEyeCamera
Paid Features
No advertising
Unlimited uptime
Multiple hashtags
25 automated messages
Custom watermark
Message queue management
Configure automated shutdown
Configure blacklist
Keep offline copy of all sent images and users responded to.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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