Birdfie: an intelligent selfie app for birds

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Demo video :
Example photos taken by Birdfie :
Instructions :
1. Mount your phone close to a window or on a telescope
2. Adjust the position of the phone to focus on a bird feeder, a bird bath, tree top, nest, etc.
3. Press "Go" when no birds is present in the camera's point of view
4. Wait for birds to come by while you are away
5. Press "Stop" when you come back
6. Select pictures to share using the arrow logo
7. Press "Share" to share on social media
Features :
1. Birdfie can autonomously detect the presence of birds and take pictures of them
2. Birdfie can count the number of bird photos taken
3. Birdfie can identify the type of birds in the photos taken
4. Birdfie supports third-party social media sharing
5. Birdfie allows users to provide region proposal to improve detection accuracy
6. Birdfie provides Gaussian blur post-processing tool to blur the background
7. Birdfie supports manual photo-taking
Examples :
The listed screenshots demonstrate typical setups and resultant bird photos taken.
Contacts :
For more information, visit our homepage
Feel free to email us at
Other documents :
Birdfie privacy agreement :
Birdfie term of service :



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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