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By downloading the Bloom app, you'll be able to create a reusable and secure identity built to protect your personal information.
Here are a few of the key benefits of creating a BloomID:
* Secure Your Data — When you create a BloomID, your identity data is cryptographically secured, fully eliminating the risk of data breach.
* Defend Against Identity Theft — In a time of persistent data breaches, the best way to limit your exposure to identity theft is to limit how frequently you share your personal data. Your BloomID allows you to verify your identity without exposing underlying data to third parties.
* Secure Your Device — TypingID is a user verification system that learns to identify individuals by the way they type on their smartphone. The Bloom app uses TypingID to verify that the user using your app is the same person who originally established your BloomID.
* Control Your Data — You choose what data to include in your BloomID. You determine exactly how it’s used and who can use it.
* Go Beyond Borders — Verify your identity and access services anywhere in the world
Download the app today and take back control of your identity!



Version: 1.3.0

Requires: Android5.1 or later


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