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From the developer of, free & ad-free app to help SGI members in practicing Nichiren Buddhism to chase Daimoku targets, listen to SGI songs, read up SGI ebooks & other online material, schedule Home Visits & get daily briefing & guidance.
# Download & play SGI Songs along with Lyrics!
# Set Personal Daimoku targets, visualize & achieve them - your own Million Daimoku!
# Plan member home visits with calendar events & reminders
# Read SGI Quarterly magazine ePubs with text-to-speech reader
# Create shared targets & collaboratively chant with others!
# Read Gosho & Peace proposal with Speech support
# Watch SGI-USA videos
# Get daily encouragements & briefing notifications
# Take notes!
Social features coming soon! Please show your support!
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Version: 0.127

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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