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BOO is the digital platform that was manufactured by O’GENIUS PRIORITY LTD with the purpose of connecting people of marriage age and those who want to meet new dates. Mostly those of opposite sex can experience the relationship and engagement of conversation to new people who they never met before. The application encourage users to be cool and comfortable to boo and build connection with another person that they either have not met before.
This application is divided into two different accounts however the user may shift from one to another. By signing up you will be required to select the account type you start using.
This is the first account type where users are joined knowing only a portion of information about each other. You will be required to provide as minimum information about you as possible which the other person can view and take a decision according to that summary provided. Here no serious engagement expected because people are meeting not expecting any serious commitments from each other.
This is the second section reserved only for people who are looking for serious and committed relationships and this application is designed to apt their wishes by bringing the best fit to the requirements provided. The searcher will need to provide detailed information about yourself mostly as far as the love/ romance is concerned. So here the user is requested to be serious and accurate in order to avoid confusion to the viewer.
Someone chooses who to connect with, the distance from each other is most occasionally displayed to give you more accurate decision making. So the application will suggest Booers and allow you to have a chance to meet anyone on the platform. The system is and will be anonymous to the users until when that person needs to reveal his credential to Boo viewers.
This is the upper most ribbon of the application that allows the user to find the other use that he/she already know. The person will be identified by entering the username either generated by the application or the real name of the person.
In this feature, you will be able to find other people who are using the application by the nearest location. The application will propose the list and the user will be required to swipe either to the left or right and each choice has a meaningful impact to the person so be mindful while taking which direction you send that person.
Before swiping you will need to tap on the suggested profile in order to ready the summarized profile details of the person.
A. Left Swipe:
When you swipe to the left, this action means that you are not interested in that person. So you will only that see that person suggested to you not more than three times in while using this application.
B. Right Swipe:
This action means that you appreciated the profile of the person and you are interested in mutual conversation. Here you will wait until the other BOO also approves your request in order for both of you starting engagement.
This is a section of people who you liked and they liked you back. These are ones that you are allowed to chat with and you can share any time of media content as you wish. Both of you will be able to view the gallery of each other and the user can upload as many pictures as possible.
When the network is no longer useful for both partner they can close the relationship or one block the other.
Here you will find information about you and you can edit it in order to keep it updated. This is where users pass through in order to upload new pictures or reviewing the personal gallery.
The user can change settings depending on his/ her preferences. Here you will find to feature to provide feedback to the app developers, change the Boo finding status, getting more information about the app and the manufacturers, privacy policy and the catalog.




Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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