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With the Book library app, you can keep track of all those Books !
** No limit on the number of Books you can have!
Add new Books, scan ISBNs in either single or bulk mode.
Multiple inbuilt scanners to support various hardware devices, or connect to popular external scanners !
Scan offline and then lookup information later when online.
Use the scanner to search your library to see if you have a Book while out and about - perfect for seeing if you already have a certain Book.
Simple library mode supported, keep track of who you've loaned your Books to.
View your Books as a list or as various sizes of grid, changeable on a per shelf basis !
Organise your Books into shelves and sub shelves.
Set quick access lists and pick a favourite shelf to access Books easily from the home screen.
Fully customize the views and fields displayed during lists and editing, and even searching,
change how many of each field you have and add new ones or hide existing ones and even decide which ones are searchable.
Full range of settings for customizing the display, optimize it to suit your needs.
Wide range of export and import formats to help you get your Books in/out of the app.
Do you have a favourite series, use the add by series (or title or actor) function to find all related Books!
Backup and restore functionality built in (to the SD card); auto backup frequency or no auto backups, change where backups go
No restrictions on backups, can be copied between devices.
Fully integrated sync for multiple devices, either over wifi or bluetooth!
Copy your entire catalog or just sync latest changes, with or without images.
Permissions required:
Camera - for scanning ISBNs
External Storage - for exports and imports
Full Internet - for information lookup, data sync over wifi (and ads)
Bluetooth - for data sync over bluetooth
Start at Boot - for intialising auto backup (if turned on)
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Version: 5.7.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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