Bow Note JP

3.8 (10)

Education | 39.0MB


Great for visiting shrines! You can even get o-mikuji!
Recommended for the following people!
・Those who are scheduled to, or would like to visit Japan
・Those who would like to visit shrines
・Those who have an interest in Japanese culture
There are a number of angles to the bows used when visiting shrines,
(though they are not the kind that the gods will punish you for not following)
and it will make your visit more smooth to know them beforehand,
as well as surprise Japanese people when you know them better than they do.
This app also has the ability to measure the angle of your bow(*),
making it quite handy.
(*You will need a gyroscope in your device.)
It also has an explanation mode, which tells you the standard Japanese
usage of each bow.
Music & Sound effects: MusMus
Sound effects: Digital Gene



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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