Boy Hairstyles 2018-2019 - Best Haircut Ideas

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Boys Hairstyles 2018-2019
Keeping up with fashion trends is not a women thing only. Men too need to update themselves to look smart, dashing and appealing. Hairstyle is the first thing that a woman notices in a man. It gives a brief review about one’s personality. Choosing a hairstyle is a difficult task, as your decision has to undergo many criteria’s like your hair length, texture, your routine, job nature and whether you can maintain that hairstyle easily on regular basis or not.
We collected the trendy hairstyles from fashion oriented cities like New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, San Diego, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Top Europe Cities from USA, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Brazil, India, Russia, UAE and African countries.
In 2018 European men’s haircuts are trending in the other countries of the world. We have a fine collection of new and latest haircut styles for men in our gallery. Below are few of the haircut styles along with description to get a nice idea about what to follow next.
Finest hairstyles for boys and men in 2019:
Are you looking for some haircut styles that are trending in 2019? We have a list of top trending hairstyles for men and we also have some tips for you which will help you in keeping your hair in place.
Cool Long layered haircut:
If your hairs have grown long or just passed the simple military hairstyle length than you have qualified to have this haircut done. Layers hairstyle has many versions in itself. You may find it in the variations of hair length like long short or medium or you can also find this hairstyle in different hair textures like silky, curly or wavy.
Long side bang hairstyle:
Long side bangs or fringes are also among the leading hair styles of the year 2018. You may have seen many boys carrying this hairstyle in different versions. This hairstyle looks very cool and sassy but requires a great effort to maintain.
Curly / Wavy Hair Cuts for Boys in 2019:
Curly hairs are tempting to look but hard to manage. Only ones with curly hair could understand the real struggle in maintain the hair style. Hair wax and clay is the product which have made this regular styling easy.
For those cute boys who naturally have curly hair, this hairstyle is the best option. It is suitable for those who have long as well as medium length hair. It gives a rough yet cool look and goes well with different dressing styles.
Few curly haircuts you may choose from:
- Curly undercut
- Curly comb over/side part
- Wavy fringe
- Wavy quiff
- Slicked back
Short Hairstyles in 2019:
If you have short hair then you don’t have to wait longer to grow your hairs and get a new hairstyle. There are so many hairstyles for short hairs. Just ask your stylist to make any of the following. This one is for short hair and textured crop. Do you have short hair? Go to your stylist and ask him to give you this look.
Mohawk cuts:
Mohawk is one of the coolest hairstyle for boys with shorter to medium length. The center section of hair is longer than the sides. Sides are usually shaved to make a contrast among the center and sides. This is a bold and punk style usually carried by young boys or rough and tough men.
Faux hawk:
It’s similar to Mohawk but in this one, the hair in the middle stands erect with sides less dramatic than Mohawk. In Mohawk hairstyle sides are usually shaved whereas in faux hawk your sides are chopped making it a bit decent to carry it at office, events and other formal places. It looks good on adults as well.
Below is the list of trendy hairstyles or haircuts in 2019:
Textured Crop
Crop + Fringe
Messy Short Crop
Short Haircut for Curly Hair
Wavy Crop
Taper Haircuts
Taper Haircut for Curly Hair
Taper + Neck Fade
Short Taper Haircut
Textured Sweep Back
Medium Length Curls + Burst Fade
Side Part Hairstyle
Heavy Crop + Mid Fade
Textured Bangs
Medium Length Texture + Fade
Pomp-Inspired Hairstyles
Sweep Back
Pomp Fade
Pomp Hawk
Man Bun + Mirror Image
Shaved Neckline



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