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Please note: this app utilizes Bluetooth LE version 4.x for communication. This requires Android 4.3 (API Level 18). Also you should determine that your phone supports Bluetooth LE.
The app displays windspeed from an Etesian Technologies wireless Bluetooth LE cup anemometer. All functionality of the app is on a single screen. The user enters the sensor ID to select the proper sensor. This is required in the event that more than one Etesian Bluetooth Smart sensor is located within range of the iPhone.
This ID number only need be entered once. It is saved to a file so that on subsequent running of the app, the app retrieves the sensor ID from the file. But, if the user has more than one sensor, they can at any time change the ID number to select the preferred sensor.
There are four choices that the user may select to set the units that the wind speed is displayed in: mile per hour (mph), knots, meters per second (m/s), and kilometers per hour (kph).
There is a virtual green "LED" to indicate that a Bluetooth packet has been successfully received, decoded and displayed. If no data has been received in 7 seconds, the "LED" turns to red. The sensor advertises once every 3 seconds. The data is packaged in the Bluetooth advertisement. Using this method more than one iPhone can view data from a single sensor.
If no signal is present for about 7 seconds, the data is replaced with "No Signal"
Every anemometer has an auxiliary temperature sensor. The ambient temperature and the signal strength are indicated in text boxes in the bottom half of the display, just above the company name and tag line.



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android2.0 or later


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