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App Note, Introduce the new application (Bricks Calculator) which is very easy to use and very useful for CONSTRUCTION WORKS...
The BRICKS CALCULATOR 2019 is used to make walls easily.
It works as designers of bridges and defects for designated design blocks. It works on single and two skin buds.
This application (Bricks Calculator) will accurately evaluate the desired construction material.
It's an ideal application for quick estimate.........
You will need to build the wall to easily calculate the number of blocks and blocks.
1) Power workers are used to meet all the requirements of a single electric power unit.
2) Calculate all the necessary bricks with two skin barks.
3 (Calculate the required requirements.
4) Calculate the necessary blocks with the two-pin wall.
5) Calculate anchor and block estimation
6 (Use it to exclude waste (up to 5%
7) Coverage of all sides of the wall volume
8) Share accounting results with friends and family through social media.
9) Appeal to partner with family and family
10) Rate this app.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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