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Brightness Widget Galaxy and Supernova Timer, a totally free app by stanlm.This widget is totally free, no ads, no internet access, just offering a fun way to control your phone39;s brightness and a quickset convenience timer.What I didn39;t like about other brightness widgets or timers were they are kind of plain, boring, or take too many taps to set up, so this is killing two birds with one stone. Here you set your phone39;s brightness by picking a star. The bigger the star the brighter your screen.The grand hulking big stars are your blue hypergiants. Then you got your super giants, main sequences, dwarfs, and for autobrightness there39;s the variable star.A few interesting tidbits about these stars are included, and a fun interface for switching between brightnesses.Supernova timer is just pick from the time options 5min, 10min, 15min, etc.. and get a notification alert when the time expires. That39;s it, simple.Why is it free? Well, there39;s a lot of brightness widgets and timers out there, and those aren39;t really very special functions.. I39;m just hoping to make space stuff more popular.Description of PermissionsWrite Settings to change the brightness.that39;s it, no internet access, no google ads, no contact access; all stanlm apps are focused on simplicity.Related keywords:Galactic Brightness WidgetBrightness Widget GalaxyBrightness Widget Stars, astronomy Blue Hypergiant, Main Sequence, Supergiant, Brown DwarfKelvinsLightyearsRigel, Cygnus, Polaris, Sun, Alpha Centauri BStar Trek



Version: 3.37

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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