Bubuta. Интерактивный чат.

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In the world there are so many different programs for messaging - chat, Jabber, ICQ and so on ... But they're so boring! .. Someone even manages to communicate via SMS, squeezing his thoughts in a measly 70 characters. Now you can forget about it!
We present our Bubuta! This hilarious interactive chat with vivid characters, interact with other members of the chat, lots of gifts, visual effects, funny emoticons, etc.
Absolutely free!
Appendix Bubuta distributed free of charge. You can download it right now and use for an arbitrarily long period of time. It does not require any registration or activation.
Huge bright world!
The first thing that strikes Bubuta - it's a huge, sunny and bright world that is changing all the action. One could argue that everyone will find a place for themselves in taste - whether SPA-center, night club or a country estate. Such freedom first, even a little giddy.
Beautiful and diverse characters!
Choose your appearance to taste. Changed at least every other day, depending on your mood - yesterday pirate, now a businessman, and tomorrow biker. A collection of characters Bubuta provides wide opportunities for choice. And given the fact that each character can be "disguised" - the number of combinations is huge.
Interactive communication
Bubuta - it's a truly interactive mobile chat. Do you want to please a girl? Give her flowers, and maybe she will kiss you back! Unexpectedly met my friend? Shake his hand and offered a beer! In the world of Bubuta always something going on. You will see it with my own eyes, and even become a member of events.
Convenient private chat
Now you can forget about the "ICQ" and other outdated means of communication. Private chat Bubuta - comfortable, cozy and functional. You will be able to maintain communication with several interlocutors. We guarantee that smiles, gifts and possibilities of emotional processing messages will not let you get bored.
Photo sharing
Perhaps never before sharing photos during intercourse was not as simple and convenient. Being in a private session, select "Send photo", point the camera of your phone, and within a few seconds the other person sees that you wanted to show him.
This all sounds very tempting, is not it? In fact, all the better! Just download Bubuta and see for yourself.



Version: 2.3.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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