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Reply to calls you don39;t have time to answer with a personalized text message.note If the app doesn39;t react on calls as expected and you have updated from a pre 1.0.0 version to 1.0.0 or higher version, the solution is to open the app and choose Menugt;Settings and uncheck Enable App followed by a check of Enable App. This seems to be the case on certain phone models.With Busy Message you can reply to calls you don39;t have time to answer with a personalized text message SMS.When you reject a call, the app shows you a list of predefined by you replies that you can either edit or use directly. When hitting send, the chosen reply is sent as a text message SMS to the caller.Different people deserve different answers. Some people you might now want to talk with until the next day, others in 5 minutes.Feedback is greatly appreciated. Please send an email as it39;s impossible to answer rating comments.Supports android v2.1The reason for this is because I39;m using the ContactsContract that came in 2.1.This application will cost you money when sending text messages unless you are on an unlimited text messaging plan. The application or its author is not responsible for any costs that this application will contribute to. If you don39;t agree with this don39;t install it :



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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