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With a 20 years experience in providing services and 12 years in the business consulting and audit, our firm was able to lead over 300 missions of assistance with project management or cost reducers ...
The major interest of Cape Control software is that you always have available at the screen smart phone (Android), all of the specifications for each local with all the expected benefits, and for each service, frequencies (not contractual), the measurement thresholds and weights.
Whether you have 1 or 300 agencies building, you realize 1 or 200 checks whether you have one or more controllers for one or more providers, Cap Control immediately book the results of each quality control. Assuming that the original quality control is not a repressive tool, but a continuous improvement tool quality, it must be composed of a succession of impartial observations, to quickly correct trends undesirable.
After each test, you will get all nonconformities benefits, in order of importance and for which the claimant must immediately take corrective actions.
You will also be edited for your operating meetings, specific statements for periods of 1 to 12 months slippery, such as: delivered quality level or hierarchical defects, for a sector, an area, lot, building. The level of quality delivered or hierarchical defects for a local family. The level of quality delivered or hierarchical defects, for a benefit. All these specific and detailed information, you will serenely animate the various social gatherings (EC CHSCTŠ) and maintain excellent traceability of the evolution of benefits on your sites.




Requires: Android4.0 or later


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