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CCC Hindi (CCC online exam practice in Hindi app) by Vinay Pandey Sir for Computer fundamental based Skill improvement through practice test.
A simple app to help you, passing computer exam, CCC exam and and exam which contains computer fundamental and basic computer skill such as fundamental, Operating System, word processing, spreadsheet skills, presentation concepts and internet technology.
This app is designed to practice various online computer exams conducted through out country. this contains MCQ Questionnaire in a set of 30 questions of both type True-False and four options. Each question will allow you 30 sec to answer. The answer will be shown on just confirming your answer with indication whether you answer is right or wrong. Even if you do not answer the question it will automatically show you the right answer just after 30 secs. for each right answer you will get 1 marks and for wrong answer you will get zero marks. after finishing the 30 question you will get total marks and if the marks is more than previous highest score, new score will be the updated hi-score.
This app is brought to you by Vinay Pandey Sir to help all the student to improve their skills in basic computer fundamental sector. all the questions given here are tried to be correct.
for any suggestions or feed back comment on my app.
Thanks and enjoy the app.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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