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Whether you are busy driving, running or working, with our easy to use caller name announcer app you’ll be able to know who is calling you or sending you a text message. Using the stock Google Android text-to-speech engine, the app will play you the caller name (in case of calls) or the sender name (in case of SMS).
►Simple Caller Name Talker
This caller id app works in simple manner. With its great set of features, the app will register the call and instantly transfer it to the speaker of your smartphone. Then it will also announce or speak the caller’s name. In that way this talking app will inform you whether the call is important or not.
►announces the Content of SMS
How many times did you lose time with unimportant SMS messages? Well, now this will be over this call announcer, besides its feature of telling the name of the caller/sender it can also read the text messages loud, if you set it up as well. In that way you will know if the SMS message is important, or it is just a simple message with no meaning that requires no attention.
► Incoming Caller ID App
At its core this was built to help users that are working or studying to get to know the caller’s name. The app is thus purely dedicated to incoming calls or messages.
► What You Can Set Up on Caller Name Announcer
1. You can set up incoming caller id and the app can talk the names for you
2. You can set up incoming SMS announcer
3. You can set up the app to read the content of the SMS for you
►Caller ID, Call Talk Presenter FEATURES
* Turn On/off incoming caller ID announcer
* Turn On/off announcing of the person that send you SMS
*Turn On/off feature to read the content, besides the name of the SMS sender
* Turn On/off the name reader when the phone is set up quiet (silent)
* Turn On/off the name reader and ID talker when the smartphone is in a Vibrate Mode
* Turn On/off when the phone is in active mode
* Announcements can be done several times
* You can delay time between two announcements
* On/off the announcements whenever you want, no matter if the call or convo is on-going
* For every SMS reading you’ll get a notification
* User’s can adjust the ringtone’s sound
* Tap on the SMS reading notification so the app will stop reading and you can read your content
* Any announcement can be stopped with the volume buttons
* You can set up the app to announce the names that will contact you during a call
* Users can also make use of some phone call free characteristics.
* There is an ability to change ringtones or volumes
* We worked really hard for the last feature and that is that users will be able to change the app’s default language
* Ready to use voices on different languages are always ready to be downloaded
* Crash and bag free
►Non-English Speaker?
Are you a non-English speaker and want to make use of your Android device? Well now you can because this caller id and call announcer app supports more than 40 of popular, well-known languages. From English, Hindu or Italian, to Chinese, Slovenian and Arabic, we’ve included lots of them to make this app almost perfect.
►When is Caller Name Announcer useful?
1. When you are working a job or a task that requires your full attention and use of your hands
2. When you drive and the road requires full awareness
3. When you are typing fast and you don’t want to lose your focus
4. When you are exercising hard and the smartphone is not near you
5. When the smartphone is far away from your hands
6. When you don’t want to look into the screen
►Nice Call Tool
It is not a wonder that anyone can get great smartphone and live great lives. With this call talker everything will be cooler and much easier. This cool tool is both customization and personable. Get it for free!

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Version: 1.1.3

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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