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Selfie Camera iPhone X - OS 12 Camera
Selfie Camera Phone X Camera is a FREE and feature Pro HD camera application for Camera Phone X, the most powerful and professional HD go camera for capturing beautiful photos,
Selfie Camera Phone X - OS 12 Camera is the BEST PROFESSIONAL and FREE photo software. Not only has the feature rich, but Selfie for Phone X Camera also has beautiful filters to help you create impressive photos.With Selfie for Phone X Camera , you can save your happiest moments.
You can easily take great pictures with Camera phone xs focus selfie os 12 pro has a good reputation for pnoramas. enjoy all the benefits of a phone or tablet. Sticker, same, overlay, autofocus.
* Are you ready to save your best moments with beautiful camera?
Selfie Camera Phone X slow mo - OS 12 HD Camera : easy to use but feature packed and you can capture high quality photos and video with the OS 12 Camera.
* FEATURES of Selfie Camera iPhone X - OS 12 Camera:
* Added fun emoticons for your photos when shooting with the HD camera. HD Camera Phone X Selfie Beauty camera - Supports professional mode camera focus, mode. Scene, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation
* Auto focus or touch to focus
* HDR camera support camera selfie 360 xs and os
* Multi-touch zoom camera like phone6 plus selfie camera
* Selfportrait camera with date and time
* Selfie photo editor, selfie hd camera
* FACE detection, selfie camera is easy to use
* Automatic FACE beauty feature, share your beauty with everyone!
* Sophisticated camera filters and color effects.
* Camera auxiliary functions: Grid, v. - Continuous shooting: allows the HD camera to shoot multiple images in a row.
* Remote control: timer, or voice commands with the Camera HD. Beauty Pro Camera
* Camera apps for android
iCamera phone x selfie os12 selfie icamera phone xs max The implementation on the camera phone xs - Camera os12 is also quite impressive.
* Cool Selfie Phone X Camera - OS 12 HD Camera:
* Select folder to save images in HD Camera Self Portrait Beauty Camera
* Option to lock camera direction Vertical or horizontal quality.
* Photo and Time stamps, geotagging support
* Optional video and video quality in camera settings
* Shutter sound can be muted, HD camera silent with Silent Shutter
* Full screen mode or 3: 4 mode for taking pictures
* Supports professional camera mode: manual focus distance, ISO, exposure time, white balance temperature; RAW (DNG) file.
* Scene Mode (SNC); Exposure Exposure (EXPO)
* Auto-capturing Widgets after launch HD Selfie Beauty Camera.
We created this Camera for iphone application to help those who are fans of apple products, extremely wonderful application with friendly interface and easy to use.
Even those who use the android operating system have never used the os 11 operating system will be very happy when using this android application.

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Version: 1.3

Requires: Android 5.0 or later


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