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With this app, schools can now create schedules, assign pickup/drop off points for buses and keep parents informed on School bus trip progress. 
School module features in Cars4fleet GPS (Parent) include:
- Create pre-scheduled trips for school buses.
- Assign a specific route (route fence) through which the buses have to travel.
- Include student pick-up/drop points as way points.
- School management will receive notification alerts (by SMS/Email) on schedule violations (schedule violations, route deviations, missed stoppages)
- Add students to school bus module with their grade info (Class, Division etc), e.g. VII C
- Assign students to scheduled trips and assign their stops too.
- Multiple trips can be assigned for students (Pick Up/Drop Off)
- Trip-view on map that gives a clear understanding on the route and stoppage points (Student Pick Up/Drop Off)
- Parents to have user accounts with live school bus tracking with trip progress along with the estimated time of arrival at Pick Up/Drop Off points.
Parents shall get alerts when:
- Student fails to get on the bus
- Student fails to get off the bus
- Student boards the wrong bus
- Student boards bus from wrong stop
- Student gets off at wrong stop
- Bus is on the way for pick-up
- Bus is on the way for drop-off
- Bus is approaching pick up point
- Bus is approaching drop off points
- Student is picked up
- Student has been dropped off



Version: 1.7

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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