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Find out how Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology™ enables longer transmission life:
Made up of almost 1,000 parts, the automatic transmission is one of the most complex components in any vehicle. During a year of city driving, a vehicle can change gear up to 88,000 times – making transmissions work harder than ever before. Shudder and damage to parts can occur if the transmission fluid does not maintain the right friction level or has worn out.
Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology ™ has active control molecules which automatically adjust their friction level with changing pressures and speed – delivering a smoother drive for longer*.
That's why 2 out of every 3 major vehicle manufacturers choose Castrol transmission fluids as part of their factory fill.
Protecting the transmission and providing smooth gear shifts, Castrol TRANSMAX with Smooth Drive Technology ™ enables longer transmission life.
*Proven more than 2 times smoother shifts: Castrol TRANSMAX ATF DEXRON®-VI MERCON® LV Multivehicle vs a commercial DEX III (ATF) product, based on LVFA industry standard test.



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