Casual Project Management

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Casual is a visual task and project management tool to help you organize your ideas the way the look in your mind.
Get Casual Android app to enjoy the most out of Casual web app on the go. Access the essential features and functionality straight from your phone.
· Check in on your ongoing projects from anywhere.
· Get instant access to all of your tasks, notes and entire project history.
· Review all your tasks, notes, history and stored files.
· Complete control over your tasks – track them, edit-on-the-go, exchange comments and get more things done outside your desk.
· Stay informed on the project progress and everything your team is working on.
· Real-time sync. Add changes on the go and your team will receive instant updates.
Casual complimentary mobile app is your savvy companion to stay productive on the go and keep your project on track at all times!

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What's New Casual Project Management

This update mostly contains under-the-hood changes



Version: 1.2.2

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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