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Cats communicate amongst themselves and with their owners in very distinct ways. They have a well defined language like the humans. If we observe them well, we can also identify their signs and signals.
The study of cats is called etymology. Cats played a significant role in the ancient history and had major impact on Egyptian civilisation. Today even the historians try to study and analyse cat’s body language to get some information about the ancient history.
On the other hand, cats are one of the most loved pets and hence many people love to analyse the cat’s body language just to know what their pet is trying to convey.
Some of the major points kept in mind while studying cat’s body language are:
• Up tail
• Down tail
• Rapidly moving the tail back and forth
• Slowly moving the tail back and forth
• Cats use their ears to communicate
• Cats use their eyes to communicate
Some of the major aspects regarding cat’s body language analysis are discussed below:
Tummy Display
The Fluttering Blink
Classic Halloween Pose
The Direct Stare
I'm Going to Get You
Audio Cues
How Cats Use Their Tails to Communicate
How Cats Use Their Ears to Communicate
How Cats Use Their Eyes to Communicate
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