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Chikkatti School mobile app
We have a thoughtfully arranged program of exposing our students to various learned speakers, skilled professionals and men of integrity in public life to motivate the young achievers to shape their personalities the way they like.
Chikkatti School mobile app is a simple and intuitive application focused on enhancing the communication between Principal, teachers, staff and parents. The school management, teachers, parents and students gets on a single platform to bring transparency in the entire system related to a child’s activity. The aim of this app is to communicate and share all information real time with all stakeholders of the school
Salient features :
Notice Board: The School management can reach out to parents, teachers and students all at once about important circulars. All users will receive notifications for these announcements. Announcements can contain attachments like images, PDF, etc.,
Messages: School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students can now effectively communicate with messages feature, messages can be text, images or documents again.
Broadcasts : School administrators and teachers can send broadcast messages to a closed group about a class activity, assignment, parents meet, etc,.
Creating Groups: Teachers, Principal and Administrators can create groups as required for all uses, focus groups etc.
Calendar : All the events such as Exams, Parents-Teachers meet, sports events, Holidays and Fee due dates will be listed in the calendar. Reminders will be sent before important events.
School Bus tracking: School admin, Parents can track the location and time of the school buses during the journey of the bus. All get alerts once the bus starts the journey and another alert when journey ends. Driver can intimate all parents if any delays or any changes in events.
Class timetable, Exam timetables can be published and shared with all stakeholders.
Fee Reminders, Library reminders, Activity reminders are additional features.
Teachers can communicate with Parents and receive responses. Teachers or anyone can conduct surveys to take opinion as required.
Attendance system: Teachers will take class attendance as required – messages sent to parents instantly on child presence/ absence in class.
School rules book, Vendor connect available to parents at any time for any quick reference
Features for Parents :
Student Timetable : Now you can see your child timetable at any time. Test, exam timetable are also maintained and displayed all the time
Attendance Report : You will be notified instantly on your child presence or absence for a day or class.
Apply leave online for your child and specify reasons. No notes to be sent to teachers.
This App supports all types of communication between all people involved in the school ecosystem.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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