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An Owner’s Guide to taking the best care of your pet chinchillas There are many common misconceptions when it comes to chinchilla care. This book will tell you the proper way to care for your chinchilla to have them for many, many years. This book covers: Behavior - Cage Setup - Bedding - Treats - Toys - Food - Hay - Health Problems - Breeding - Pregnancy - Owner Experiences - And everything you need to know to get started owning pet chinchillas! Throw away your old books because this is the first one with only correct information.
The delightful South American “unrodent-like rodent” known as the chinchilla makes a playful and affectionate companion animal. Author Donna Anastasi refers to them as “inquisitive, sensitive, intelligent, and active,” the ideal combination of intelligence and interaction anyone would want in a small pet.
This Complete Care Made Easy title is an ideal introductory pet guide about the chinchilla, with detailed chapters on characteristics, selection of a healthy chinchilla, housing and care, welcoming and taming the new arrival, feeding and daily care, training, and health and veterinary care. The book offers excellent advice about feeding and nutrition, including the choice of pellets, supplements, hay, and treats.
The chapter “Understanding and Training Your Chinchilla” explains the abilities and limitations of chinchillas’ senses (they’re nearsighted but have exceptional hearing) and offers a great overview of how they communicate through sounds and body language. With positive reinforcement and a clicker (no leash and collar!), the chin can be trained to perform tricks for the family’s entertainment, and the book gives lots of training pointers for owners! For chin fanciers who are interested in further exploration, the author includes chapters on breeding chinchillas and getting involved in chin shows. Sidebars throughout the text provide useful information to chinchilla keepers, covering such topics as chin colors, harmful human foods, daily care checklist, and show terminology. The resources include chinchilla societies, books and websites. Glossary of terms and index included.
This book covers everything a new owner needs to know about chinchillas: First we discuss them from a historical and scientific background and why they make such great pets (and why they may not be the best choice in some circumstances). Then we cover how to choose a pet and what supplies it will need.
Once the chinchilla is in your home, you need to know how to take care of it. This book covers feeding, watering, and training your chinchilla as well as how to play and travel with it. Most importantly, it discusses how to keep your pet healthy and safe. It even discusses how to get the best photographs of your new pet (and its luxurious fur coat).
This book also covers the fun stuff about chinchillas, including possible names and chinchilla trivia. You’ll find out what it’s like to enter your chinchilla in a competition and how to save its endangered relatives in the wild. You’ll also discover what to do if you find out that a pet has been abused. In addition, you’ll have a lot of resources for further information.
The Chinchilla Handling Guide, is a genuine authority on the subject of Chinchillas and caring for them.
The chinchilla is soft and fluffy mammal that will always make for a truly fun pet to own. This pet guide covers all of the essential information and facts that you will ever need to know about this adorable small animal.
You will really enjoy this popular care guide which features many great chinchilla pictures, an array of wonderful facts and reliable information, along with detailed advice for current or soon-to-be owners.
This Chinchilla handling guide is part of a series of My animals which have been reviewed by pet care experts and veterinarians. It is definitely a highly recommended addition to your ebook collection.



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