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Lets you quot;sharequot; a link, and choose which web browser to open it in.MY NEW APP Unlock with WiFi unlocks your device when you39;re connected to your home WiFi Sometimes you39;re viewing a web page in a browser, and you decide you want to open it in a different browser. Maybe the page looks funny or it39;s loading slowly in the current browser. How do you open a page you39;re already viewing in another browser? Well, you could copy and paste the URL, but that39;s more work than it should be.Now you can use Choose Browser. If you quot;sharequot; a page or link from any app, you can select Choose Browser, then you will be presented with a list of installed browsers You can share a link from one browser to another. You can share a link from, say, your RSS reader and choose which browser to open it in. It39;s nothing fancy, but it saves you a little time.The app is very handy for mobile web development, when you have to test your website in different browsers.If this app doesn39;t work on your device, please email me, and I will fix it. This app may not work on some recent HTC phones, because of a change HTC has made to their version Android. You can thank Apple and it39;s lawyers for that.This app is free, with no ads.



Version: 1.1.2

Requires: Android1.5 or later


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