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Divine Softech Gst Calculator is loved by millions user world wide.
Divine Softech Calculator is one of the best calculator featuring Citizen Calculator, Gst Calculator with one click and Emi Calculator all this calculator in one single Calculator.
With Citizen GST calculator make your day to day calculations easy and smart. Calculate GST Integrated rate of your products with one click and make your GST bills faster and faster. Citizen GST Calculator is a best app which provide you great user experience. Citizen Calculator has all the functions important for calculations like GT, M+, M-, MU, SQRT, Check, Correct and basic calculator functions like (+), (-), (X), (/), (%) all this functions works accurately and give answer precisely.
With Citizen calculator get live rates of USD or any other currencies of the world. You can convert rates of any two currencies in the world.
Citizen Calculator also includes loan emi calculator within it with which you can find Loan Amount, Emi for your loan, Time Period of your Loan and Interest rate easily.
Loan emi calculator generates the full report with the amount of loan you will pay with total amount of interest and loan installments report which you can share as a PDF or save reports as PDF.
With Loan emi calculator you can also ocmpare two loans and fine one which is best for you which will help you in your day to day life and make your work easy. Citizen Calculator will generate all your loan details also in Pie chart so that you can figure out all your stuffs easily.
With Citizen GST Calculator you can calculate GST rate of your products with one single click. All the Tax Slab of GST India is included in the Gst Calculator app like 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% and also you can deduct GST from the total amount of your product with -5%, -12%, -18%, -28% GST calculator feature in a calculator.
With Citizen calculator you can also set weather you want round Off answers or Accurate answers with decimals digits. With citizen calculator GST calculator you can perform calculations up to 12 digits same like citizen calculator. No need to remember any calculations you can check them from history and share it on social messaging apps.
GST Calculator for India specially designed as per Indian citizen comfort and easy calculations.
Calculator App Features:-
☛ Citizen cum GST Calculator for India
☛ Hide GST buttons if you want.
☛ GST rate Calculator.
☛ IGST, CGST, SGST rate calculator with one single click.
☛ All citizen calculators features like MU, M+, M-, GT, MRC, Sqrt, CORRECT, CHECK etc..
☛ Calculate loan amount, EMI, Interest Rate, Time Period with one click.
☛ Export loan details of loan with installments in form of PDF and share it on whatsapp instantly.
☛ Currency Converter inbuilt. Get live rates of any currency of the world.
☛ Accurate Answers.
☛ Share history of your calculations on social messaging apps.
☛ Sound on key press to give realistic effects.
☛ Vibrate on touch (You can ON/OFF from Settings).
This calculator is made taking inspiration from Make in India project by our honorable prime minister of India and its basically made in India app.
We welcome your suggestions please give your feedback at we will consider it and work on it.



Version: 18.19.5

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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