City Horse Taxi Offroad Driver:Passenger Transport

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Welcome to City Horse Taxi Offroad Driver: Passenger Transport:
The Horse Taxi City game will feature horse as a taxi where the player will use either a single horse or a buggy to take passengers and help them travel in Offroad Transport free. The player has to take passengers from one point to another while playing this horse passenger transport simulation game of Offroad Horse Taxi Driver. The player will first pick up the passengers and then drop them off to a specific location of a modern city in public transport. The player will have to complete the level in specific time duration of professional horse carriage riding. The player will move the horse either left, right, forward or back the same as our other driving passenger buggy horse. The player will be able to make the horse run as royal horse cart riding simulator. The player will be able to make the horse stop while riding like a horse carriage transporter simulator. There will be a button for Offroad Horse Taxi Driver to make the horse jump while doing pick and drop the passengers at snow horse carriage sim & other taxi games 2019. So do you want to become Offroad Horse Taxi Driver?
Modes of City Horse Taxi Offroad Driver: Passenger Transport:
There will be two modes of cart riding game: Single Horse Mode and Buggy Taxi Mode for memorable horse passenger transporter trip. Single Horse Mode will only feature the player with a horse called as a horse taxi game and Buggy Taxi Mode will include a horse buggy & Arabian horseback riding with two horses. In each mode, there will be 10 levels for horse passenger transport simulator. Each round will be timed for horse carriage games. The levels for horse taxi driver will get harder progressively. The difficulty for horse taxi driver will be measured by how far the drop-off is and the amount of traffic on each level of horse carriage transport simulator game. Depending on that cart racing game, the horse taxi driver’s time will vary for each level as well.
How to Win City Horse Taxi Offroad Driver: Passenger Transport?
Before the beginning of each level, the player will have to run towards the horse and mount it to start horse carriage driving. After the player drops off the passenger in Horse carriage transporter game, then the camera will rotate from a height and revolve around the scene of horse cart racing games. There will be a Challenges button/tab on the menu of horse taxi transport driving, accessing which will show a list of challenges for professional horse carriage driver that the player can complete for gaining more reward of horse transport simulation.
The challenges for horse taxi driver will be as follows:
1. Pick up your first passenger as highway horse cart transporter.
2. Complete a level in less than one minute, become the best horse transporter.
3. Win 5 levels consecutively at Hill horse riding.
4. Ride the buggy 4 times in marvelous horse carriage transporter simulator.
5. Ride the horse 5 times for best horse taxi driving.
So what are you waiting for other amazing passenger pick & drop simulator, offroad transport games, offroad horse carriage driving simulator, and other horse games 2019? Don’t wait to download our City Horse Taxi Offroad Driver: Passenger Transport. Have you ever played any horse cart games of Offroad Horse Taxi Driver, single horseback taxi driving game, car taxi driving games, and other offroad horse taxi driver? If no, then ride horse taxi will get your attraction having uphill taxi driving 2019 and city horse taxi cab shuttle driver pick. In this speed horse taxi driver, the leaderboard will show the total number of stars that the player has collected. So are you ready to become the best horse taxi driving simulator? Be an offroad horse taxi driver and ride horse taxi among beautiful hill stations.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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