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Imagine you are sleeping in your room. In midnight something woke you up. The room is pitch dark. You try reaching for your phone but you cant find it because you cant see your phone in the dark. Only if you have Clap on Clap off installed on your phone then you can Turn On/Off your phone's flashlight with a double clap.
Clap on Clap off app allows you to turn on/off flashlight on demand with button, Turn on/off flashlight with double clap or just by shaking your device.
Calibrate double clap sensitivity & shake sensitivity for better performance. you can also set the time period for service for its better use.
***** On demand flashlight with direct flash button
***** Flashlight turn on/off on service
***** Flashlight on double clap
***** Flashlight on phone shake
***** Double clap calibration
***** Shake calibration
***** Set time period for service
- We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve the app.
Please email us If you have any problem or complain or suggestions at . We will take necessary steps asap.
When the sun goes down and the light burn out than it's time for 'Clap on Clap off' to shine. so Download Now and let it shine you life!!



Version: 1.5

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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