Class 11 Physics Notes

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The app is aggregation of definitions, formulas and notes of Physics in most systematically way. It will help in quick revision.
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The app covers:
UNIT 1: Measurement
UNIT 2: Vectors
UNIT 3: Motion in a Straight Line
UNIT 4: Projectile Motion and Circular Motion
UNIT 5: Laws of Motion
UNIT 6: Work, Power and Energy
UNIT 7: Rotational Motion
UNIT 8: Gravitation
UNIT 9: Elasticity
UNIT 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
UNIT 11: Hydrodynamics
UNIT 12: Thermodynamics
UNIT 13: Thermometry and Calorimetry
UNITY 14 Kinetic Theory of Gases
UNITY 15 Surface Tension
UNITY 16 Transmission of Heat
UNITY 17 Oscillations
UNITY 18 Waves and Sound

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