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The efficient way of monitoring and controlling your ClearSCADA system remotely.
ClearSCADA Mobile, coupled to ClearSCADA, a Schneider Electric product, provides remote access to data within your SCADA system, allowing users to monitor performance while "on the move". It also improves staff productivity and enhances overall system performance: an easy way to add value to your organisation!
Alarms and Events
* Alarm actions such as acknowledge, disable and enable. Actions logged to the ClearSCADA event journal.
* View alarm and event lists.
* Alarm notification.
Mobile "Displays"
* Summary data displays for "at a glance" understanding of system performance.
* Available as a shortcut from alarms or database hierarchy, where configured.
* Browse the ClearSCADA database.
* View object status at any level.
* Display filtered alarm and event lists based on database hierarchy.
Data Visualization
* Display historic data trends for points; optimized for mobile connectivity.
* Display custom database queries; useful for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
* Perform controls on selected points in the ClearSCADA database.
* Actions logged to the ClearSCADA event journal.
User Favorites
* Customize the app for easy retrieval of your commonly used views.
* Integrated security with ClearSCADA.
* Additional security measures for communications outside of the SCADA firewall.
* Update your user location in ClearSCADA (Requires ClearSCADA 2017 R1)
Contact your local Schneider Electric sales channel to provide this functionality for your ClearSCADA system(s).
NOTE: This application does not communicate directly with the ClearSCADA server, so additional software is required to enable this. The additional software can be found on the ClearSCADA installation media.



Version: 2017R1 (Build 155)

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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