Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor

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Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor
with creating unique images with cut paste photos by cutting objects from pictures and pasting them by applying seamless overlay on other photos.this is one of the smooth Photo Cut Paste Background Removal tools, which user can create photo by pasting multiple photos over others as sticker. Cut the people out and put them on another background.
Want to Remove People from Photos? This is
Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor
photo editor for you. with cut image unwanted part and paste it on another photo. By Photo Cut Paste lets you can easily change faces in photos. Change your face, friends or change face in any image.
Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor
lets you create unique collages by letting you copy and paste photos from gallery onto different collage backgrounds
Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor
application will give your photo to different effect and make awesome look to your can easily create realistic Clone Photos of yourself. make natural looking clone photos of a single person, Two Photos and more. take several pictures from the camera and convert into a single photo using this helps to create more photo pose in a single photo and different styles. Create amazing photos of Clones and impress your friends using
Clone Camera - Cut Past Photo Editor
Features - :
- Simple to use the app
- Easy to clone image
- Easy to cut paste image
- Nice UI to use the app
- For a clone, your images click on the camera.
- Self-timer makes cloning easy.
- You have to select an object which you want to clone using this app
- Take several new photos which you want to modify using our clone camera app
- This application will automatically merge selected objects.
- Photo Cut paste photo can be cut in multiple shapes including freehand finger cut.
- Shape cut like heart, circle, oval, rectangle, square and triangle shape cut.
- You can erase any part of the photo by finger touch.
- It has the ability to undo or redo and adjust eraser size.
- Photo editor with you can edit like drawing over the photo, erasing, cutting, applying effect etc.
- Save all your creation into application personal folder "My Creation"
- Tap on the right click to see a preview
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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