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Clotify is an innovative app that lets users organize their wardrobes in the cloud. Each user has an unlimited amount of items they can add to their virtual wardrobe, and they can add up to five different pictures for each item.
The new social aspect of Clotify is divided into people, brands and outfits. These general categories are subcategorized into selected interests to have more fun. Everyone is able to publish as many clothes and outfits as one likes. Users tag items linked to its wardrobe and are able to add description and shop links.
Clotify’s virtual wardrobe simplifies users lives by putting their closet in their pocket, making it searchable to plan a new outfit at any time. Users can search by color, brand, style or with the use of #hashtags. In addition, the social side of Clotify inspires users through followers, friends, celebrities, and fashion brands. Each virtual wardrobe item and outfit has transparent privacy settings restricting or enabling other users to peek into your virtual wardrobe. Above celebrities, brands and users there is a special section of most popular Clotifiers – do you dare to take the challenge?
Step into your Virtual Wardrobe!!!!
The main functionalities include:
- Follow your friends, celebrities or famous brands for inspirations.
- Add all your cloths to Virtual Wardrobe
- One-Click to remove solid background background form your cloths.
- Creat your outfit in your mobile device
- Share and comment post, outfits with friends
more coming soon....



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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