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Clozette Indonesia is the Ultimate App for the
Fashionistas .
Get daily updates on the world of Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Hijab.
o Various
article pull from a variety of sources from around the world
o Exclusive Offers include
Sales & Discounts from the various partner Clozette
o Update on the various
event that will soon take place
Inspiration Fashion & Hijab of the other Clozetters
Review and info the latest on various beauty products
Tutorial about Hijab, Make-up, Skincare, Hair, Nails and Do-It-Yourself projects
Fashionistas can also SHARE style and info Clozetters you with the other.
Buy Similar
Inside there are also Clozette Ultimate Shopping with the "Buy Similar".
With "Buy Similar" you can find the item you want.
In the picture, crop only item you want and click "Search".
You will be given a wide selection of products that are similar to what you want.
Options available from various e-commerce sites e-commerce sites both locally and internationally.
This app is made specifically for you the Fashionistas that always was an update on the world of Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Hijab.
Come Download now and do not get the latest info-passed from the world of Fashion, Beauty, & Lifestyle Hijab.



Version: 1.1.4

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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