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Color Call Flash- Color Phone Flash, Led Torch is the best free call screen maker Color phone for incoming call screen with call phone flash themes and LED Flash notification and Super Flashlight.
Color Call Flash- Color Phone Flash, Led Torch is simple and fast, and also easy to use! You just need a click, and you will never miss a call with a gorgeous caller id!The flashlight blinking help to remind you the incoming call in a cool way.
Call Flash Features:
Color Flash to customize your Call Flash.
LED reminder for calls and SMS.
Not only is fast but also is bright.
Simple and easy-to-use, fast and small.
Battery friendly, Power saving.
Any important calls won’t be missed with LED reminder and Call Flash, even in night time or silent mode.
The brightest flashlight!
Quick start, quick response!
Turn on/off a powerful flashlight, just like a real flashlight.
Color Call Flash - Call Screen, Color Phone Flash is a call color flash changer, which reminds the calls with caller screen flash, LED flash alert and call color. Using Call Flash changer to set the caller call flash color & led flashlight . Call Flash & Color Phone,Call Screen Flash Theme,Flashlight,LED Flash make your call screen unique with different call screen themes and color phone themes.
LED Flash Alert
When you have a call, the dial screen will light up, like a super bright LED for calls and color screen lights. When the dark or your cell phone is in mute state, you still know who is trying to contact you, thanks to flash alerts LED. You must have LED flash to make a phone call, especially when you don't want to miss any phone.
Super Flashlight
Color Call Flash- Color Phone Flash, Led Torch contains a free light tool, and the LED flashlight is the brightest, and you can use the power flashlight as a small part of the LED light in the dark. We provide you an SOS flash. With one click, you'll get a more useful flash. There are 9 different stroboscopic modes supported.



Version: 40.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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