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The magnetic field sensor using a smartphone application that compass.
To know the direction of the instrument panel, such as a compass for the role.
When hiking through the app, when you travel, it is useful to identify the location.
At the top of the screen displays the azimuth.
GPS coordinates of the current position and the network connection to the bottom of the display.
GPS works GPS button is enabled when you press the button associated with the Google Maps, you can see your current location.
This is a free version of the compass.
★ Quick Start with a simple design
★ Support High-Definition diseupeulreyiyi
★ Wi-Fi or network magnetic and true north via GPS support
★ GPS Map View now supports operation
★ GPS coordinates are displayed during operation
This app is a mobile device that the use of the party machine accuracy can be different.
Under the influence of a magnetic field in and around itneunjido confirm.
And to increase the accuracy of calibration can be
8 characters moving direction several times smartphones can improve the accuracy of the magnetic sensor.
Location, GPS coordinates: to calculate the true north compass to implement
Network communication and the Internet: Ad-supported use
System Tools, and phone protection: use a compass needed wakeup



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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