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A simple, intuitive and beautiful multi-function compass!
function list:
- Provide compass, latitude and longitude, geographic location, etc.
- A variety of themes to switch at any time, metal texture simple interface, luminous interface, Chinese dial classic interface and Feng Shui compass interface
- Support geographical location sharing to friends, send your own information to friends, let friends know their location
- Small size and very few permissions
- Fast positioning, support for GPS, WIFI and base station positioning
In order to display latitude and longitude and geographic location information, select "Allow" when you see the dialog box for obtaining your location information.
Tips: In order to allow the compass to accurately align the north direction, it is recommended that you stand in an open place, the screen of the mobile phone is facing the sky, in front of you, holding the phone to draw the shape of 8 characters.
Draw 2 times, then face the screen yourself, draw 8 words, 2 times, so you can correct the compass.
GPS Compass,It's a must-have for traveling!



Version: 4.0.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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