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Are you tired of using multiple calculator apps in your daily life?
We present you the best all-in-one app that includes more than 50+ calculators, converters and charts for all your daily needs. Add your frequently used functionality as your favorite and access it with just a single click.
Calculators include:
* Simple general purpose calculator
* Scientific calculator with functions such as trigonometry, log, ln, permutations etc.
* Converters for length,area,volume,temperature,time,speed,weight,digital storage,angle,pressure etc.
* Geometric calculations for more than 15 kind of shapes
* Statistics
* Matrix operations ( pro version)
* Calculators for EMIs, Loan affordability( pro version), Compound Interests, Discounts etc
* Calculator to track and share expenses between friends groups on your outings
* Currency converters
* Health calculators like BMI,BMR,Ideal Weight,Daily Calorie Required etc
* Date calculators like Compare dates,Add/Subtract dates,Age calculator,World time,Time zone comparison etc
* Size chart for clothing and shoes for both men and women.
* And many many more !!!
Some features are locked in free version of the app.You can try the paid version here < >



Version: 1.9

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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