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Fun Begins Here!
ConQuest lets you make confessions to the world, staying Anonymous! Whether they be of Love, Hate, Fun or Anger. You can look at other people's confessions and react to them in whichever way you like!
And yes! You get a bonus reward when you first Sign Up for the application and your bonus increases with your ConQuest usage Automatically!
We find it important to keep your identity anonymous throughout the Application.
ConQuest lets you:
• Post confessions of whichever category you may like, whether it be Love, Hate, Fun or
• Manage your profile to keep yourself anonymous! We have default profile icons that
you can choose instead of your profile picture. Your email also will not be visible to
any other user!
• React or Comment on Other User Confessions.
• Chat with the writers of your favorite Confessions!
• Watch your balance increase as you Use ConQuest Daily. You Can Claim this balance
whenever you like*.
• Share ConQuest with your friends and make use of your Referral Code! Referred
Installs can help you to become a Monthly ConQuest Bonus Winner!
If you find any issues with the application feel free to revert us back at the given Email Address! We'll be pleased to hear from you!
We are happy to have you here!
Happy Posting! We



Version: 1.2

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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