Consorzio Grappa Valbrenta

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L 'app Valbrenta Grappa Consortium allows you to be always aware of the events organized by the Pro Loco of 14 Bassano area. When the event will be created will in fact come a notification to let you know, and you also have the opportunity to aggiungierlo favorites and receive a reminder the day before the event.
historical events, traditional sports, folk, cultural, festivals ... you will never miss any of this !!!!!
In the map you can find places of particular historical and cultural interest, tourist or some relevance.
No need to struggle !! because thanks to the geolocation service will reach you notifications when you come to these places not to be missed. simply having downloaded the app and have the smartphone in your pocket or at your fingertips!
The 14 Proloco of Valbrenta Consortium:
Cismon del Grappa, Mussolente, Valstagna, Bassano del Grappa, San Nazario, Rosà, Campolongo, Rossano Veneto, Solan, Cassola, Bassano Del Grappa, Cartigliano, Romano d'Ezzelino, Tezze sul Brenta.
Highly recommended for the inhabitants of the area and for tourists not to miss the events and local places !!!!

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Version: 1.0.6

Requires: Android 4.3 or later


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