iCenter iOS 13 & Control Center IOS 13

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Control center IOS 13 support access to music player, camera, flash, calculator, rotate screen, Wi-Fi, data 3G/4G, bright and more.
And Notification center IOS 13 support you access to notification quickly and clear and reply and more.
swipe up to down from top left you can get notification and you swipe up to down from top right you get control center. easy for use.
You can setup music app control from control center. You can access any app quickly from control center easy.
Features iCenter:
+ Music player access from control center easy. You an next song, play song, preview song and more.
+ Volume up and down easy in control center
+ Bright: you can swipe up and down for bright.
+ Do not Disturb: is silence call, alert and notification.
+ Wi-Fi: you can turn on or turn off WiFi easy in control.
+ Data: You can turn on/off data.
+ Camera: You can access to camera and take photo easy.
+ Alarm: Setup alarm quickly and more app setup in control center.
We will update more feature in feature, please update and share because it is free.



Version: 5.3.1

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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