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My name is Tiffani Cordoza and I am the proud owner of our family owned nail supply. I started out as a nail professional 9 years ago and opened my salon. I still currently own my salon, B' Polished. I have 14 amazing women who chose my salon to call home. My husband started the nail supply for me while I was still working full time in the salon doing nails. He ran the business and started doing a delivery route to salons. After about a year he had built up a customer base and was ready for me to take over. I continued to do nails part time as I learned the delivery route and began to transition into doing the nail supply full time. Within a year I stopped taking nail clients and moved the supply store out of my salon and into its own building. I continue to grow the nail supply through salon deliveries and online. I had 2 goals or reasons "why" I chose to take this route in the nail industry. One of them being I wanted to be present in my children's lives. I have 3 school aged children and it is important to me that I can help out at their schools, be at school functions and field trips and be home with them when needed. In doing the supply business I can work around being a mom and don't have to sacrifice missing out on important memories in their lives. I also get to teach them what it looks like to own a business, manage money, provide customer service and so much more. I get to instill a work ethic in them that will be forever valuable. The other reason I pursued this was because I saw a need for something that wasn't being done. I was a nail tech. I am a nail tech. I suffered the same problems as you most likely are. You can't find professional only products at an affordable price or get them easily and if you can there is minimal to no education available. There are very few nail supplies that are in it because they genuinely love the industry and they want to do their part to leave it better than they found it. For me it isn't about the money or the sell. It is about providing you the nail tech with professional only products from companies that are dedicated to the nail professionals. Providing you with education on these products (not only creating beautiful nails but how the product works, why it works, how to charge, etc). Providing you with valuable tools to grow your business. Providing you with a consistency that you can count on. Providing you with quick and affordable shipping. Providing you with ways to get you product effortlessly. Providing you with a level of customer service that is unmatchable. Providing you with a nail supplier who values safety, sanitation and best salon practices above all else. Wow that was a lot, I hope you're still with me!! Im not sure where to add this in so if it sounds a little out of place I apologize! I have an amazing sales rep who joined me about a year ago. I am so proud to watch her grow and expand in her knowledge. I also recently created a Cordoza Influencer Team. I like to give back to my customers and how better than to compensate them for something they are already doing!!! Ohhh and did I mention I LOVE what I do on top of it all. I am so extremely thankful that I get to do this for my job. Today that is a rare thing and I am forever grateful for all of you who shop small. I may not be a a "big name" but I don't have to be. I will let my integrity and ethics do the talking for me.
Thank you so so much. My family and myself are extremely grateful for your support.



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