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Welcome to Course Notes!★★☆Please Comment and make Suggestions for new features before Rating!☆★★** This application is for testing and currently in BETA **Send all suggestions to burrowsapps@gmail comAll notes are downloaded to the SD card: ~/Android/data/This part of the blog consists of good college notes from all major universities! They are from websites and teachers to be used at your discretion for educational purposes. This site was created for the purpose of helping college students that want extra knowledge about a certain course. The design is simplistic and easy to use, this way students with poor professors, people who either take bad notes or can't take any at all can easily have access to a nice collection of notes in order to help prolong their success in college. Eventually everyone needs a helpful friend or a good reference to help study and get through a difficult course; if you have any notes to share, send them in! Course Notes features:How to use Course Notes:✔ Click on Courses to view the Notes and download notes by selecting them✔ Long-click on the Course to view it's Descriptionnavigation Drop-down✔ Sort by Class Number✔ Sort by Class ID✔ Sort by Last UpdatedNaviation Bar:✔ Refresh✔ search Notes✔ Send Feedback✔ Share✔ ABoutFile Menu✔ Click Home to bring you to the Main Notes List✔ View your notes and the number of notes you currently have✔ Lists all of your notes on your phoneMain List✔ Refresh the Main list of Notes✔ Search through Courses and Notes✔ Search Feedback to BurrowsApps✔ Share this application with others✔ About this applicationNotes Menu✔ After clicking a Course on the Main List, this will display all the notes in that courseFAQ:✓This is an OER(Open Educational Resource): requested:✔ Modify SD Card: Store the notes you have downloaded✔ Internet: Download the notesTags: course notes beta open education resource college classes educational quizzes



Version: 12.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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