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Courthouse Counsel, Inc. is a connection platform that puts at-need individuals in touch with attorneys to immediately service those needs. Once an attorney “checks-in” to a courthouse, patrons can scroll the list of available attorneys to see who they can use for the services needed at that time. Once this attorney and prospective client make a connection, they are free to converse, exchange documents, meet in person, set a fee structure and other agreements.
Courthouse Counsel, Inc. ( CHC) does not provide legal services for any purpose. All attorneys hired by patrons CHC work independently as practicing lawyers. CHC does not give priority to any one attorney or lake firm over another and are not responsible for the legal services provided by any law firm or attorney.
Courthouse Counsel, Inc. does not solicit any business for or on behalf of any law firm or attorney. Users of this app are able to scroll and interact with attorneys who are already in the building/courthouse where service is required. Users decide which attorney they are going to contact for their needs and the level of engagement.
No attorney or law firm will be able to communicate with prospective clients or users of the app simply by being a user. Only those attorneys that attend “connected” with a particular user can communicate directly with that user.
Courthouse Counsel, Inc. is not engaged in the practice of law. No legal services are being provided by CHC and CHC will not engage in any discussions or chats with users which are intended to solicit free legal advice.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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