Crack your Mobile Screen prank

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"Crack your Mobile Screen prank" is a perfect prank app to fool your friends that they have broken your phone screen.
This awsome app will display broken glass image on the screen of your mobile phone, so that it will look like the screen was broken!
You can choose to show screen break effect in three different ways:
- after user shakes the phone.
- after setting the amount of seconds.
- after user touches the screen.
You can also choose if you want to play crack sound.
REMEMBER: If you want to REMOVE CRACKED screen effect press "Touch here to remove broken screen" in top status bar or run app again.
We have more! This app is also live wallpaper (you can set cracked screen as your wallpaper) and widget (you can put direct link to app on your home screen)!
Download it and try it on your friends!
If you have any problems with this app please report it to us and we will fix it as fast as we can!



Version: 2.5

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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