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Loan is common procedure in every field and people also take it from their respective bank .
Bank's store and manage your loan record for future.
Like how many installment you paid...
How many installment remaining....
Are you regular paid your installment or not......
On that bases bank generate your credit score....
But they don't show that score to their customer ,
But if you want to know your credit score then you're at right place.
Here we introduce our application to you for Knowing your bank credit score.
You can generate your bank credit score either month wise or year wise.
Bank not consider your loan data..
But they capture all your bank activity and your credit score depend on them(bank activity)...
Here is the reason why you should use this application :-
Every bank not give you loan directly but they consider your credit score and then after approves your loan request..
They also consider your credit score for loan amount..
Because of your credit score not fulfill there requirements then they reject your loan approval receipt.
So it's better that you first know your credit score
This application is not official credit score generator.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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