Crystal Tunnels Live Wallpaper

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Both a fullscreen visualizer and a Live wallpaper is included. You will travel into the deep crystal caves of the underground, where a strobe light is pulsating on the crystals and creating colorful patterns. You can use this app as a relaxing and inspiring Live Wallpaper for as long you want for free.
You can activate a 1 day trial for the music visualizer with the "visualizer" option. Imagine your music interpreted visually and reflected in all the crystals. You will experience your music in an amazing new way when it connects to the Crystal Tunnel. The music will be visualized in lots of colors.
Crystals can be useful for lots of things, like opening up a portal, energy technology, healing or raising the consciousness for the people. Advanced crystal technology were used in the very ancient Atlantis civilization according to Edgar Cayce. Maybe the crystal technology from Atlantis can be used to solve the energy problems of today...
You can enable Gyroscope on the menu for more interactivity. Your view in 3D space will change when you tilt and rotate the screen. That is the Gyroscope effect.
You will enjoy 6 different themes for the music visualizations when you upgrade to premium version. You can also choose the speed of the journey and the shape and appearance of the tunnels.



Version: 1.14

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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