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Cut Out Photo Editor is an image editor application to erase photo background to transparent and let you use it with different beautiful backgrounds . Cut out Photo Editor can be used to Cut Copy Paste any part of image to any other image or design completely new image with different background and surroundings.
Have you ever thought how the image will look with a different background? Cut Out Photo Editor will let you change the background of image to any other nice background, you can select the background from gallery or device memory so it will be fully customizable.
Do you want to remove those unwanted objects from your photo? Cut Out Photo Editor will let you erase any part of photo very smoothly with finger tap, You can also draw and cut a part of photo and take it anywhere to put.
Special Photo Editing features of Cut Out Photo Editor
* Draw and Cut a Part of object from Image and use it with any other image.
* Remove existing background and use a different beautiful background.
* Use background image from Gallery or Camera.
* You can also use any custom color to use a image background.
* Move, Scale, rotate, zoom any object in image.
* Best background eraser and changer tool.
* Easy and very interactive to use.
* Reset options to fallback to original image or object during editing.
* Free Crop feature with touch eraser.
* Inbuilt gallery of application to access your new edited images.
*Manual Erase: for finger rub (traditional) background eraser
What you can do with Cut Out Photo Editor
1. Change Background of Image.
2. Perform Face Swap by Cut one face and paste another.
3. Cut the People and unwanted objects from the image.
Cut your image from Group photo and design it with nice background and theme.



Version: 1.7

Requires: Android 4 or later


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