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Now let’s show you a wonderful Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme! This is our new attempt for life element on Cute Yellow Mouse design and takes you to the whole new level of mobile experience in this theme! Through this theme, we will show you the charm of Cute Yellow Mouse in a comprehensive way. You will love this theme by seeing the elements falling on your phone screen as per gravity.
Unique design brings you a new experience in the lifestyle. You can install this Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme on your Android phone to experience an unprecedented impact. Our live theme only compatible with our own launcher so you need to install our launcher at the same time. But believe me, our Launcher runs very smoothly and won't bother your phone.
Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme animation vitalizes your typing. You will just love it!
3D Effects
Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme has everything you need for a theme. This keyboard ensures pretty cool and awesome effects. digital sound effects present you the most advanced keyboard experience. Cool background allows you to show off your good taste to your friends.
Along with the sound effects of digital, as you move and type, it feels like you can actually touch soccer while typing.
Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme has a colorful background, serving as a perfect background against all elements. The background and keys are perfectly matching each other.
With the dynamic effect of the keyboard, the digital sound effect makes the theme vivid and lively, providing the truly immersive user experience.
Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme enriches typing scenes, adding much fun to typing. You will definitely love our keyboard.
☁️Cloud Prediction☁️
Our keyboard can intelligently predict the words you may need to enter, saving you time and reducing typos.
DIY Themes
When you use our keyboard, it means you can design your own unique keyboard as well. Just follow your own fancy, start from the background and buttons, customize a delicate keyboard for yourself. digital sound and cool background can also be set respectively in the DIY process.
Plentiful Themes
In addition to the Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme, our keyboard product offers 3,000+ various cool themes for you to choose from! They are all free!
Emoji & GIFs
There are 1,000+ lovely fun emojis in Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme, together with popular and cute GIFs. Typing can be far from boring!
Languages Supported
Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme supports 85 languages covering 138 countries
To enjoy the best effects of Cute Yellow Mouse Gravity Theme, you need to download our keyboard app
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Version: 1.1.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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