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Daily Meditation is a daily meditation app for empowering the positive effects of our karmic self reflection. During moments of awakened consciousness, use this software to invest into the karmic universe by taking a brief moment to reflect on these realizations using the appropriate finger mudra.
Overtime you will be able to remember these moments of awakened states of consciousness and be able to draw on them when needed.
Our daily meditation app displays finger mudra's and active meditations to reflect and reinforce positive energy in our daily lives. This is inline with the esoteric teachings of Mikkyo often found in Japanese Buddhism and Martial Arts (Japanese Kobudo). With daily active meditation you will begin to feel the positive effects of your karmic investment and through positive insight and reinforced intuition you may begin to help others, by becoming a being of positive energy and healing light.
Our Daily Meditation app provides an unique approach to understanding and investing positive energy in to our physical, mental and spiritual bodies, while providing insightful meditation teachings passed on from the teachings of Japanese Buddhism.
Our daily meditation app provides principal teachings of a universal nature, attempting to over simplify and guide the positive cosmic influences which exist in our daily lives.



Version: 1.0.4

Requires: Android 2.3.3 or later


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