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An easy to use “Daily Science News App” with several science topics, the fun thing is that no customization is required, just open the app and select the news topic that you want to read. The Science News are from multiple authentic sources like BBC, Scientific American, Yahoo and more. Science news topics available available in this app are:
1. Health News | Medical News | Health Care and Tips: Read latest health and fitness news and get medical news daily updates. By simply taping this topic, this science app now looks like a Daily Health News App.
2. Astronomy and Space News: Read all about Nasa and Space programs by taping on this topic.This section looks like a latest space news app and covers all astronomy and space news.
3. Tech News: This topic covers technology updates from multiple authentic sources, you don't need to install separate tech news apps.
4. Physics News: This section shows news that are related to the Research and Discoveries in Physics. By taping this topic, Your Science news app now looks like a separate Physics News App.
5. Biology News: Read about Living things here, explore news related to all biological discoveries.
6. Chemistry News: Read updates related to explorations and experiments in the field of Chemistry.
7. Maths News: Explore mathematics news and get informed about new mathematics apps.
8. Environmental Science News: This section covers news related to environmental sciences and facts, get the latest Global Warming information and find out the current stats.
9. Nano Technology News: Updates about the nano world and the new scientific achievements and experiments in nano tech. With this science app, you can explore more nano tech news that are related to electronics.
10. Archeology News | Anthropology News: Stay up to date about discoveries of old civilizations and fossils.
11. Earth News | Geology News: Combining Earth and Science, showing you updates from Earth Sciences and Geological Surveys.
12. Genetics News: Updates from the complex field of Genetic Engineering.
13. Industrial News: This section covers news about industrial engineering and management , also covering new experiments in industrial electronics.
Main Features of the App are:
1) Daily science news updates.
2) Clean and understandable interface.
3) No interruption during reading.
4) Search science news with a single button.
5) Specifically select science news website.
6) 15 Sources to Read science news from.
7) One click sharing option.
8) App designed in Latest material Design.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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