Deaf-Mute Sign Language App

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Communication | 18.3MB


• An app that will allow users to learn sign language by simply saying a word or phrase as well as they can use it to communicate with the deaf-mute people.
• Our app will be able to translate common English phrase in to Sign language.
• Our app will be an offline app so it can be used without any requirement of internet once downloaded.
• This app will help us (normal people) to communicate with deaf-mute community easily and effectively.
• An app intelligent enough that can translate almost any phrase of an English language. App is able to show the signs to deaf-dumb people easily.
• Deaf-dumb people also needs to learn English language as this language is worldwide, so our app will be able to provide learning capability in future. Uneducated deaf-dumb people will become educated and will get to know their surroundings by watching English news channels i-e mainly Subtitles.
• Our app will be used as a tool of giving knowledge of sign language to the parents of deaf-dumb so they can teach their deaf-mute children.



Version: 0.9-beta

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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